Our History

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The F.lli Bonvicini Artistic Foundry was founded in the 1960s by three brothers, Luigi, Fausto and Ettore Bonvicini.

We are renowned worldwide for casting sculptures in bronze and other alloys.

Many of the world’s most famous artists of all nationalities have visited and worked at our foundry, including  Great  Masters such as Max Ernst, Salvador Dalì, Joan Mirò, Sebastian Matta, Etienne Martin, Giorgio De Chirico, Lucio Fontana, Luciano Minguzzi, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Fernando Botero, Arman, Paul Rebeyrolle.

With the help of our expert collaborators at the foundry, we have risen to the challenge of performing some of the most complex casting processes and volumetric modifications to original models, using both traditional and modern “lost wax” casting techniques. This is how we are able to produce the finest examples with the so-called “ceramic” system, which is particularly advantageous for multisculture.

Our furnaces have produced dozens of impressive masterpieces, as well many other medium and small-sized works of art, cited and reproduced in authoritative encyclopaedias, contemporary art books and specialized publications.

Consistency and professionalism in work since 1969

United team of like-minded people ready to offer the best services

Making space for design

Thanks to our extraordinarily rich experience …

… in the world of sculpture, we have decided to place our experience and professionalism at the service of world of design too.

In a historical period in which mass-produced industrial products have inundated the marketplace, serving the general public  with the monotonous ideals of conformism, we believe we can revitalise quality interior design with limited-edition, handcrafted furniture items.

This is how the foundry is changing,  from an exclusive, equipped meeting place for collaboration and exchange among sculptors, to an eclectic laboratory offering designers the opportunity to transform their daring ideas into genuine articles of innovative interior design, creating artistic objects for an audience with refined taste and personality.

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Fonderia Artistica f.lli Bonvicini


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